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greta van susteren to go live on the record. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. this is a fox news alert. the brits are snubbing president obama. so he go it alone in syria. >> aye. >> country, no. >> the noes have it. >> if the united states decides to lead military action in reprisal or to punish the use of chemical weapons last week, britain will not be part of that. >> i strongly believe in the need nor a tough response to the use of chemical weapons. this is clear to me that the british parliament reflecting the views of the british people does not want to see british military action. i get that and the government will act accordingly. >> we've been here in 2003. basically misled.
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we told there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq and there weren't. it is a complete humiliation for the obama administration. here's obama trying to gather an ally or two for a pinprick and gets nothing. >> the president laid down america's credibility by issuing a red line. >> the president of the united states said for a year that bashar assad thoos go. now we're in a position to go, now they have no strategy, no idea what they're doing. >> former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> tell me, sir, how significant is it that the british voted not to essentially go along with us should we do a military strike. at least not for the moment? >> it is as has been said, humiliating. it is a direct result of the confused and lead from behind posture that our country has
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taken under the obama administration. the fact that there has not been a mission defined leaves people with confusion and unwillingness to be supportive. unless we state it's true not just overseas, but it's true in our country. if you can't even organize a three-car convoy, a motorcade, then you've got a real problem and you have to stop and say, is what we're doing really making sense? >> what do you envision is the goal of a missile strike now? what are the possible goals and what can we possibly seek to achieve or reasonably achieve? >> i don't have any idea what they have in mind. you know, one looking at it has to say there's a lot we don't know. we don't know precisely yet if chemical weapons were used, although it appears likely. we don't know who used them. the inspectors have not come out.
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i think it's important for the credibility of the government to get to ground troop. we don't know what the white house and the president believe to be our strategic interest. what is the national interest for the united states? you can't put a coalition together until you define the mission. when you define the mission and say, here's what we're going to do and here's why we're going to do it, then countries come in line. countries aren't going -- they had dozens of countries supporting activity in afghanistan, in iraq. proliferation, counter proliferation, the -- the reason they did is because there was clarity and there's a lack of clarity here. >> the idea of firing a shot across the bow or a pinprick action to so-called punish them, i think, is probably a mistake. i think unless you've decided you have a clear purpose that is in the interest of our country,
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it's best not to do that because the united states will look ineffective and weak. >> compare and contrast for me the situation between iraq, where there was suspicion that there were weapons of mass destruction and it turned out not. here there seems to be relatively no suspicion of weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons, yet there is not an appetite to do it. what's the difference between the two and how are they the same? >> well, in the case of iraq, obviously, they had used chemical weapons against their neighbors. they used -- saddam hussein used chemical weapons against his own people. he was known to have stockpiles and he was refusing to allow the u.n. to go in and validate whether or not they remained and still existed. in this interest, we don't know -- we know that they had chemical weapons, but we don't know yet who used them and for
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what purpose. that is, i think, a situation -- i think also the fact that it turned out there were not large stockpiles in iraq has led to a great deal of understandable caution on the part of the united states and other countries.instance, the president has said up to this date that regime change is not a goal of this mission should he decide to send missiles or take military action against syria. your thought on no regime change as not being a goal, does that in some way have any factor into any of your thoughts on this? >> it has to affect your thinking. if you think of what's really important in the middle east to the united states, first one would have to say is egypt. and we've played that hand very badly. we've ended up leaving the egyptian people with the impression we support the muslim brotherhood and the egyptian people opposing the muslim
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brotherhood. and clearly, the muslim brotherhood is not a partner for us of any appropriateness. in the case, the second most important thing or maybe equally would be the iranian nuclear program and their relationship with syria and their support of terrorist organizations. to the extent the president does something and it leaves bashar assad standing, who has, a, presumably used chemical weapons. b, complicit in terrorist acts in supporting various terrorist organizations in close complicity with iran, it's going to tell iran that the united states of america is willing to draw a red line and it really doesn't mean anything. and the question in my mind is if we look weak and persuade iran that they can charge ahead
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with their nuclear program, we will have done something most unfortunate. i can't at the moment, not -- knowing there's so much we don't know about what's taking place in syria, i can't at the moment tell what's going to make us look weaker. doing nothing, having drawn a red line, or going in and doing a shot across the bow and a pinprick. what he's managed to do is to get china active in the middle east supporting assad and reactivate putin in russia basically in support of the use of chemical weapons. >> is it at all possible or is there any reference in history or do you think it's possible, can you have a military strike into a civil war, not have a regime change, get out and stay out, or once you put your foot into this, are you now -- do you own it? are you part of this? are we then more involved than
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we wanted to or dreamed to be? >> well, i think it would be most unfortunate if the united states ended up on the ground in that situation over a sustained period of time. it is tragic, to be sure, that the some 100,000 syrians have been killed. that's a terrible tragedtragedy. on the other hand shall the strategic interest for the united states is, as i say, more properly should be focused on iran, egypt and not on syria. and i think that's just the reality. >> have we sort -- has the president boxed himself in by saying that this red line and now that he's drawn the red line, he's talking about assad is going to leave. he's been saying that for 2 1/2 years, he hasn't left. now there might be missile strikes and assad is not the target. he's going to be emboldened afterwards i assume.
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he can't get britain to back him, can't get the u.n. to give an authorization or anything from congress. it looks like president obama all alone. so i mean, is he boxed in or what's his exit strategy? >> unfortunately, i don't think he thought those things through. i haven't sensed any strategy or any roadmap or idea as to what the next steps ought to be. he talks and he says things that box in the united states and drive us down a cul-de-sac. that doesn't mean that the only thing he can do now, it seems to me, is to do something that would make us look still weaker. i mean, this administration has said to the world that we are basically a country in decline. he manages the economy, modeling it after europe, which is a failed model. he has made pronouncements in the world that have proven in relatively short order not to be the case.
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and i think that what he needs to do is to take a deep breath, get down to ground troops and say to himself that the united states does have a role to play but it has to be played in a steady, solid way and in fact, the policies that we've seen have been harmful to the united states and the perception of the united states rather than helpful. >> mr. secretary, thank you very much, sir, for joining us. >> you bet. and at this hour, it has been reported the president has not yet made a decision. he has no approval from congress, no approval from the united nations and not even our best friends, the brits are with him. should he do it alone and what is the impact if after all his threats to syria the president says never mind and does nothing? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. that's your question. >> no, i don't think so he should use military force. i don't think it there's a palpable american interest at stake here.
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i don't think we should take sides in this civil war. that's what the advocates of aiding the opposition are using, the usage of chemical weapons to advocate. that's something they've wanted to do for 2, 2 1/2 years. the argument that people make that having drawn a red line and having failed to do anything about it once before and failing to do it again means the president has to act this time, i think, are clearly wrong as well. that's a classic example of what economists call the sunken cost fallacy. if you've done one foolish thing, what you've expended before doesn't mandate you do another foolish thing. the prospect of a minimal strike here sends exactly the opposite signal of the turns against chemical weapons. it's an encouragement, because the cost of using them is so low. >> even "the new york times" in a column today says if the u.s. does some sort of slap, some missile strike doesn't go for assad, no regime change, is that
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the worst as we're advertising our impotence? >> we're advertising the president's iimpotence. he has damaged our credibility. i acknowledge that. but mostly, he's shredded his own. it's about time for the rest of the world to understand that barack obama and the united states are not the same thing. we've got 1200 days of this left. it's going to be very costly. but the united states should not be put in a worse position just to help out barack obama's credibility. >> there are a lot of people have died. a lot of people died before we got the chemical weapons. now a lot have died with chemical weapons. is there anything that -- if it national security weren't a consideration but humanitarian reasons, could we even do anything that for the future of the other people living there, the citizens living there. is there anything we can do to
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help them? >> we are providing a lot of humanitarian assistance to the refugees. nobody -- >> i don't mean food, clothing, i mean to help them end this so they don't live in fear every single night. >> my answer to that is no. here's the hard reality. it is entirely possible that there are humanitarian tragedies all around the world that tug at our hearts. that doesn't mean there's an american interest one way or the other in resolving the conflict. we've got huge interests at stake and the region as a whole in syria because of iran in particular. but there are conflicts where there are no white hats and no american interests. people say we're not the world's policemen. that's not the issue here. the issue here is we should not use military force in pursuit of abstractio abstractions. we're not the world's nanny. >> i sort of look to see like i think, what happens if. if the goal is not for a regime change, not to kill or get get rid of assad, we'll be effective with the missile strikes, the
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next day there will be pictures of innocent citizens, either real or false pictures. paraded through the streets saying look at the horrible americans killing these babies and used as recruitment. then iran will be emboldened to help syria and hezbblame israel. israel is like a sitting duck. they say israel provided the intelligence that revved us up here in the united states. this is a total no win situation at this point. >> there are always negative consequence toss take into account in your overall calculus. i don't think one negative result should be enough to drive the policy. the place to start is in defining what your objective is. >> what's can you possibly get -- is there anything positive to get out of this? i go back to my question and say, is there anything we can actually really do? i mean, is there by a missile strike or by a military strike to change things there?
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>> i think if you decapitated the regime, assassinated assad, if you killed his top military leaders, you could throw the government into chaos. but all that would do is bring the opposition into power and as general dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs said about ten days ago, that just means you're going to get another struggle. not just between al qaeda and other terrorists on the one hand versus nice jeffersonian democrats on the other, but the big glum p in the middle is the muslim brotherhood. forget al qaeda for a minute, do you want the muslim brotherhood coming to -- >> somebody is going to win on this. >> it may simply go on for a long time. as henry kissinger said in the 1980s, maybe both sides can lose. >> senator john mccain says that the free syrian army is not al qaeda. >> well, that may be. they're not the only element in syria. there's no guarantee at this point in a fluid situation who
7:16 pm
would control the opposition once assad fell. a few well-placed assassinations among the pro-person military leaders, their structures could fall apart too. this is like a big more ras. iran's nuclear weapons program. we've taken our eye off the ball that yet again, the iranians as just revealed by the international national atomic energy's report, continue to make progress towards weapons. it will make the chemical weapons look incidental. we want to make sure they're not used outside syria. >> what happens to the chemical weapons? who is going to secure them if more chaos goes into the region? >> suppose the opposition takes charge and they get the chemical weapons? does that make us feel good. >> ambassador, thank you. thank you. what is motivating president obama's action in syria,
7:17 pm
national security, humanitarian reasons, saving face, all of the above. go to greta and vote. straight ahead, it's not just republicans in congress, now it is some states taking on obama care unveiling new plans to obliterate obama care. what are the states doing and is it your state, is that one of them? karl rove goes on the record. wait until you hear what's inside these boxes. look closely. here's a hint. you paid for it. it's very pricey. you must-see this. but you don't be very happy. before you start guessing what's inside, #greta. senator ted crews tweeted a picture that might make him very unhappy in the senate cafeteria. we'll show you the picture coming up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan,
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not just republicans in house and the senate on the war path against obama care. now some states have a new plan to take down obama care. what's the plan? former adviser president george w. bush, karl rove joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you? >> i'm very well. tell me, what is the plan that some states, obviously not all the states have to in some way impede or at least avoid obama care? >> well, everybody i think, a lot of people know about the previous efforts by states to say we're not going to participate in the expansion of medication. obama care expands the number on medicaid by about a third. it pays, the federal government picks up the tab for a number of years and then states get stuck with the tab. a number of states said we're not going to expand medicaid. the latest round involve the so-called navigators. the middle of august, the federal government let contracts involving hundreds of millions of dollars to states to hire
7:22 pm
so-called navigators. they're supposed to help people navigate the exchanges and buy insurance this fall starting october 1st. some states for example placed licensing restrictions on these people and some have said they can't undertake certain activities, for example in ohio, they're not allowed to compare and contrast different kinds of plans. we're basically hiring a bunch of people who may work for a united way or planned parenthood or a community group. they're hired between the middle of august and the program begins on october 1. there's very little time to train them. a lot of states said wait a minute, we don't want people with virtually no training, whose background we don't understand to be out there trying to do things that professional insurance agents have a lot of training to do and we're particularly worried about the capacity of some of these people who have access to your information about your income and your social security number. >> is some of it, though, like throwing spikes under a wheel in
7:23 pm
a sense that they don't like obama care? is it simply that -- is it all just they think these people are inexperienced and not ready to be navigators and don't want do it or are they worried about the overall cost that there may be, jobs impact on the state or is it like you say, these people are inexperienced to do this? >> well, look, i think most of the states have had taken april very deliberate decision, many in a legislative venue, for example missouri has. missouri had a statewide referendum that the voters participated in last year to restrict participation in obama care. so some of this is legislative in nature, some is regulatory. not every state has done it. but it is reasonable and rational to say, look, do you want somebody who might be a member of a, say, a community group or member of planned parenthood who has no background in understanding how to compare and contrast differing insurance plans that -- do we want those people to be the people who are
7:24 pm
explaining buy a or buy b. we're not talking to people who are trained and having expertise. we're talking people who are a member of a community group, farm workers group or union associated group or the planned parenthood affiliate and have no background or training in this tough decision that people have to make. what happens if you have somebody who looks at the data on the exchange and says i want to do a. the navigator says i don't want you to get that from that company, i want you to get it from this company. with no background or training in that particular issue. >> why do you think some republican governors have had a different views or different approaches to this medicaid expansion? the first couple years, the federal government picks up the freight to expand medicaid which helps the citizens of the state. as time marches on, the state has to pick it up themselves. governor kasich in ohio, took the expansion but another governor might not. what's your thought on that on
7:25 pm
why some are doing it, is it smart or not smart? >> i'm dubious about it. medicaid is second class health care. second of all, it's highly partnership tiff from the federal level. we do have evidence that if states are given flexibility in it, the state of rhode island was given flexibility in the closing days of the bush administration to implement an interesting plan to basically take the value of medicaid and rather than give it as a government benefit to allow individuals to access that money for private benefit and to have a whole series of other regulatory freedoms that are not allowed to any other state and this experiment worked mightily in rhode island, the state is spending about the same amount of monday that i it was in 2008, which is the rest of the country is spending a lot more per capita on medicaid, it's spending about the same or slightly less and yet it's providing additional services and the state is able to manage the case load and it's able to
7:26 pm
manage its own budget which is what we ought to be trying to do which is to allow, provide flexibility to the state so they can solve the particular needs of their state in a way that minimizes the cost and maximizes benefit. that's not what this particular administration wants to see happen. they would never have granted the rule even flexibility in rhode island. some governors look at that and say i hope at some point i can get that freedom. others say i have confidence within the current regulatory seem scheme i can manage my case load. a lot of republican governors have said we're not going to be suckered into this, a certain number of years where the federal government picks up the tab and we get stuck with it. our state of texas, our governor refused to take the medicaid money. the reason is because medicaid, even under the current rules and regulations with the current coverage is sucking up money out of our state budget that would
7:27 pm
otherwise go for education, elementary, secondary or higher education or the rest of state government. medicaid is eating the state government budgets of too many states. >> we only have a minute left. let me switch topics. i hear small business owners tell me, it's not a scientific study what they tell me. i hear that they are planning to sort of reduce the number of full-time employees to part-time employees in order to avoid some of the cost of obama care on a small business. do you think that president obama is watching those numbers and that he's worried that we're going to grow to a more part-time economy and because that's going to have serious consequences for people? >> i think he could careless. look, it's not that we're predicting it's happening. it is happening. take a look at the bureau of labor statistics over the last year. we have had 145,000 fewer people each month working 30 to 34 hours a week. 145,000 fewer people. we have 119,000 more people each
7:28 pm
month working 20 to 29 hours. remember the cutoff is 30 hours. what's happening is small businesses are dumping employees, limiting their hours who are now working 30 or more hours a week and making them work 29 hours or less to avoid obama care. the delta is about 265,000 people a month. that's the difference between the number that are working 30 to 34 hours and losing those hours and people forced into 25 to 29 hours. it's happening. guess what? i don't think the president cares about it. i don't think he thought about it. i wrote my column today on the "wall street journal" about it because i think it is one of the huge horrific unintended consequences of the affordable care act. it's working hardships in a lot of people's lives. i've talked to people who need 34, 35, 36 hours a week plus tips. many single moms with kids. now they're getting limited. they're having difficulty finding that second job to make up lost income and even if they
7:29 pm
do, they got to juggle transportation, child care and scheduled to make it all work. it's going to be a nightmare for millions of americans. >> it's going to be extremely, it already is painful to go to part-time and it's only going to get more painful for others. karl, thank you, sir. >> you bet. thank you. coming up, is president obama side stepping congress? if so, is congress going to take it? senator rick santorum goes on the record next and hopefully senator's ted cruise has many friends in texas. why? something tweeted may lose some friend here in washington. you'll see it straight ahead. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms obph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications,
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and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight. you know president obama is not wild about congress. he has a history of ignoring them, going around them and taking executive action. from epa regulations to the mini dream act and today the obama administration ruling out gun control. is president obama planning to
7:34 pm
do the same with syria. former senator rick santorum joins us. good to see you. >> hello, greta. >> no authorization from congress, nothing from the u.n. and not even our good friends the brits want to stand next to us on this one, at least not now. >> for a president came in saying he was going to be a consensus builder, rally the world around the united states, improving relationships with all of our allies and here you see him being snubbed at every turn, you don't see really any support from congress on either side of the aisle, really can't remember a time when we're looking at potential military action where both sides of the aisle are sort of stepping back and saying, wait a minute. this may not be a wise course, double-check, triple check. which we should be doing obviously when it comes to the use of chemical weapons. he's rallied nobody. it looks like he's acting to defend his ego or to defend his statement about a red line as opposed to having coherent idea as to why he wants to act.
7:35 pm
>> it's stunning. because he was a u.s. senator, although it was of short duration, you would think he would realize the value of friendships and companionships and sort of working together with congress. i'm not saying he should give in to his ideology or things that are important to him. bill clinton, he would schmooze a little bit with newt gingrich, yet reagan with tip o'neill. lbj would have had people at the white house every day back slapping. i'm not suggesting anything cozy. but relationships matter. >> they matter particularly at a time when the president is out there on a very important national security issue and he hasn't built a lot of relationships frankly on either side of the aisle. you're seeing the results of that. and he could use support in congress. >> looks like tonight he got the republican senator bob corker on his side on this. >> there will be republicans on his side but there will be a lot
7:36 pm
of republicans and democrats not with him. this will be a divisive issue on capitol hill because there's arguments to be made on both sides. the problem is, the president has provided no real path for leadership. you've had this discussed throughout this evening. unless we see some plan as to here's why we're acting to accomplish a certain purpose and if the purpose is only to defend his integrity, to say well, i said don't cross the line and you did and therefore we're going to do something, if there's no objective beyond that, it's hard to justify to the american public or to the world that it's worth harming, killing potentially hundreds or thousands of people simply because the american government said that you doont this and you did. >> i guess if i were president, i would want the congress to be behind me on this that i cover a little bit. you never know how these things turn out. if it's catastrophic, don't want to be sitting there alone.
7:37 pm
that's the first thing. the second thing is i would want the counsel of other people. it's the president's decision. he's the commander in chief. i would want to hear from different members for different reasons, whether they served in the military or didn't or traveled to the region or hadn't traveled to the region, i would really want too work with them. make the decision but work with them. >> congress represents as best we can calibrate the voice of the american people, particularly now. you see members of congress -- >> they're all on vacation. the american people aren't too happen by that. >> a lot of them are doing town hall meetings and coming back after that vacation or those district meetings. he's going to have a pretty -- it's a pretty good opportunity for him to get a sense of where the american public is and where his party and the opposition party is. for president to go it alone, particularly in such a -- what seems to be a specious reason for responding to these chemical
7:38 pm
attacks. we're not even sure. i mean, the evidence at least hasn't been presented to the american public as to why these are for sure from the syrian government. i think he needs to engage and needs to get and rally support of the congress before he does anything. >> be interested to see maybe after he spoke to them late tonight, maybe things will change and we'll get more information in the next 24 hours. senator, nice to see you. >> pleasure. coming up, you, yes, you are a hoarder. did you know that? you paid for everything in this closet. take a good look at it. wasn't cheap. exactly what's in those boxes? start guessing. using #greta. by the way, it's not going to make you happy. in two minutes, three african-american teenagers caught in a camera viciously beating a white 13-year-old boy. the boys learn their fate and you're going inside that courtroom in just two minutes. [ female announcer ] nice 'n easy. in one step get expert highlights and lowlights. for color they may just think you were born with. [ rob ] i'm a lucky guy.
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>>. [ inaudible ] [ bleep ] i got a fight. today the three 15-year-olds you see in the video beating a 13-year-old pled guilty to aggravated battery. they gave them indeterminate probation. take anger management classes and wear electric ankle bracelets up to 60 days. what about their parents? do you think they should be dragged into court, held accountable some way too? yes or no, tell us what you think. we're back in two. ♪
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tv. would you spend $14 million to shove a bunch of unused equipment in a closet in west virginia? well, you did. it gets worse. news political director rick klein joins us. this broke on abc world news tonight. we couldn't help having to do it too. >> part of the stimulus plan was $7 billion in high-speed internet access going to rural areas. a big chunk went to west virginia. the state auditor stepped in and found an incredible amount of waste including one closet that had more than a million dollars worth of high-speed internet routers that had too much capacity for the intended use for. it's been three years and they're still sitting there with the wrappers on. >> why aren't they being used? they can't be used? >> there's too many of them. they bought too many of them. where they have been used, we're talking about tiny libraries, some with one computer terminal.
7:45 pm
they bought the cadillac of routers, things with tens of thousands of users. they are way too much capacity for what they are. some of the library, they're so heavy, they had to build extra shelving to hold them. >> can we get a refund? >> have you tried getting money back for 3-year-old equipment. >> it's outdated now. oh, no. >> it's sitting there and west virginia officials still think they'll find a use for it. they intentionally overbought it because you never know what technology will be in the future, what things you need capacity for later. >> that's what they're saying. >> they think they'll still find a use for this stuff. >> ate state auditor found it in west virginia. it's gone out to communities in the country. according to the obama administration, 500,000 people have internet access that didn't have it before. critics will say some of it would have happened with the private sector and the second problem, so much many went out so quickly, it was literally impossible to track it. the federal government tried to
7:46 pm
get money back. this money, we know it's been spent because it's sitting there in the closet. >> can we put it on e-bay and sell the parts or something. >> try to get something back for it. >> who makes the router? >> cisco, what do they have to say about it? >> they saw the picture in our report on tv yesterday and they contacted us to let us know they would extend the warranty for the state of virginia. they're not taking them back. they're saying to west virginia, if you find a use for it, we'll continue to service the product. again, they bought things they did not need. >> this is incredible. do all states have the autd tors. it stairs me that one state found this. i assume every state has a closet. >> this is one closet in one state in one community. it could be happening in a lot of places. there's some that say the one slice of the stimulus could have had $200 million in waste by itself. >> note to the viewers. go to if you know of wasted stimulus money like
7:47 pm
this. maybe we'll track down the story. anyway, thank you, rick. >> thanks, greta. straight ahead, senator ted cruz may regret this tweet. this picture could make him lonely on the hill. you'll see it next. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend?
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a picture says a thousand words
7:51 pm
for senator ted cruz. texas lawmaker fuming over congress's lack of debate on syria. senator cruz tweeted this picture. accompanied by the text, nonstop web coverage. below it, an empty u.s. senate chamber and syria debate in u.s. congress. senator ted krus tweeting a one-word description of the contrasting pictures, unacceptable. he may be sitting alone. run for the border. it's not mexico. some taco bell customers eating their words literally. new york magazine tweeting taco bell in canada is using lasers to etch tweets into the shells of doritos locos tacos. >> taco bell imprinting some of the -- who knew 140 characters could fit on a taco shell.
7:52 pm
by miley cyrus's use of the product. surely it will survive this incident. you heard right. the creator of the -- ripping her racy performance. ford offering stickers of the breakfast meat to celebrate international bacon day. car sticks of the base onmeat, car owners can cover the car completely or ask for subtle stripes. ben afleck is receiving a big endorsement from gotham city. reporting michael keaton ben
7:53 pm
afleck gets my flushing. here is what he had to say about afleck stepping into the role. >> admiring your handy work? >>. >> greta: the new movie hitting theaters summer, 2013515. and sealen deon preparing to release her first english speaking album in six years. he tweeting here is the first look at the teaser for celine's new single, check it out. ♪ [ music ] . >> greta: welcome back celine.
7:54 pm
now, it's your tim to hash it out with us, don't forget to follow me on twitter, coming up, we are watching a strike on syria that could happen at any moment. a live report from the region is next. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's
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7:58 pm
>> greta: this is a fox news alert president ob yaum deciding whether to order a missle attack on seara. it could happen at any time. we have latest developments from just across the border in lebanon. anything happen in the last 24 hours since we spoke last night? are things changing there? >> well, last couple days have been about un inspectors on the ground inside syria. what we saw today was syrians offering to let them stay to investigate further. and the american administration saying look. russia is going to end up vetoing any un resolution so we don't need un inspectors to investigate any further. >> have -- has there ln
7:59 pm
a -- been a reaction from rebels or civilians or the assad administration to the news britain at least at the moment said no, they're not going to join us on this? >> honestly that is more of an embarrassing domestic policy problem for the administration there in london n terms of what people are looking at on the ground here they know americans are militarily capable of doing it, everybody is waiting with baited breath to see what happens. >> greta: we have no i'd yat president has not yet as far as we know made a decision whether or not he's going to do it but certainly a lot of activity near washington. mitchell thank you and we'll check back in with you again, thank you, sir. >> no problem always a pleasure. >> greta: thank you for wk us tonight we'll see you again tomorrow make sure you go to and let us know what you thought about the show tonight. we have a special tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. tune in and watch it.
8:00 pm
however, if there is breaking news, something happening syria, we'll be here, we will be live. good night from washington. go to see you soon. >> the o'reilly factor is on from boston. tonight. >> i have not made a decision. i have gotten options from our military. i had extense itive discussions with my national security team. >> bill: the world waiting anxiously to see if the u.s. will punish syria for using chem cam weapons. we will have the latest on this important story. >> still too much apathy when the lives of people of color are too often valued less than the lives of white people. >> is that true? does the establishment in america devalue the lives of minorities? we will discuss that provocative question with laura i can gram. >>

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